To start things off…

I’m blogging. News flash!

I don’t really feel the need to formally introduce this blog – except for – let me just say this – I would like to capture those small little moments, or things that happen everyday. Yes….! EVERYDAY! that make life ok…even happy! These aren’t the “I JUST WON A MILLION DOLLARS!!” type things (although who wouldn’t be happy with that) – but the type of things that if we don’t pay attention – we might just miss them. Ok. I’m done with with this introduction.

Let’s get started shall we??

Starting with this wonderful, delectable little pooch. Willy. He is seriously one of my most favorite things (of the living variety) in the world.


He’s handsome:

He waits patiently:

Loves music:

Is snuggly:

And is just so darn cute!…


Who could resist???

3 responses to “To start things off…

  1. Awww, Willy is such a cutie!! I have two dogs that are my favorite little guys in the world! 🙂

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