Just thinking…

So. I had this prof who I really liked. Why? I guess I could respond with the typical reply – “I like their teaching style….I enjoy the way they present new material….blah blahhhh..” You know.
While both of those statements are true, and hardly ever found myself bored in her classes, I liked her because she remained herself. She remained herself even with her teacher face on. She spoke with honesty – revealing who she was and how what she teaches has changed her for the better.
She teaches on the power of living and being well in all areas of life; Socially, physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually. Each area is connected and when one starts to suffer so do others.
ANNNYYYWAAAAYYYS – point being – she was totally honest and was totally herself. HOW refreshing! In a world where looking good is very important, it can easily be forgotten that when someone is honest and is totally themselves….that looks the best of all!

One of her favorite quotes that has become one of mine is this:
“The privilege of a lifetime is to be yourself.”

It is a gift that we are who we are. I think that’s pretty cool.


One response to “Just thinking…

  1. Thanks for the reminder Jen!

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