A Rainy Friday

The point of this blog is finding the good ‘small’ things about each day. I woke up this morning to more rain. No sun. Which inevitably leads to more mosquitos. Yikes. So right now I’m willing myself to hop off the negative thought train to no good feeling’ville’ and find some happy.

1. My cup of coffee. This is actually a great thing every morning. Even though I scraped the very bottom of the container to get the last of the aromatic beautiful ground beans that make my mornings THAT much better – I had my coffee. What a lovely start.

2. This:


I know. It’s a water bottle. But I love it. You may be thinking I’m a creep..or a weirdo (Radiohead anyone??) but I really have no words that describe my love for this tall glass water bottle.
So you can possibly imagine my feelings when I found a small chip taken out of the top of the rim this morning. HOW ON EARTH DID THAT GET THERE!!! Deep breaths. There are worse things in life. Again. There are worse things in life.
I’ll be working through this today – but thanking my lucky stars that it is still all (mostly) in one piece.

(and yes..those are tall disproportioned – fat bottomed girls riding fat bottomed bicycles on the bottom…)

3. It just feels like “this kind” of music today

4. I’m getting out of dodge tonight and heading into the city to be with friends – so – simply stated – I am excited! I’m also excited to make This – http://elephanteats.com/2011/07/21/farfalle-with-zucchini-tomato-and-basil/ at the end of the weekend – from a blog with simply wonderful recipes! You should check it out. Really.

Have a fun filled weekend!!


2 responses to “A Rainy Friday

  1. Aw, thanks for the shoutout, Jenny!!!

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