Monday Monday

Hello and Happy Monday
How was YOUR weekend? Mine was pretty darn great. I took zero pictures to document my escape out of Farm town land. So you are just going to have to believe me when I say “Yes. I do have friends. and Yes I spent time with them this weekend.”

My best friend and her husband just bought a house recently and have been keeping themselves very busy renovating. New furniture – bright cheerful paint on the walls – and freshly painted white cupboards. I need to get better at this photo taking business – so I’ll just have to tell you –  their hard work is paying off! Their home suits who they are and I couldn’t be happier for them! We enjoyed our visit, just chatting until after 2am.

I spent the next day visiting dear old friends from college. We spent the entire afternoon on their living room couch just catching up. I love the feeling visiting old friends – it is a feeling of refreshment. It is nourishment for the “social soul”

I then decided it was about time to feed my addiction with one of these:

It was blissful. Have you ever had one?? It is ‘sweet’ (literally) bliss. Thank you Booster Juice. Thank you.

My B.C/Alberta/everywhere we go friend and I then went to a movie. Ever been to a movie where there is someone in the theatre who has a laugh that is wayyy funnier (yes I just said funnier – deal with it) than the movie itself? I have.
Its definitely funny. Funnier than the movie.

Happy Monday. Please do something cheeful today. I know I am definitely grateful for the sunshine!


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