I took today

My parents flew to Ontario this morning for a little vacation and “my cousin-their niece” wedding. So I took them into the airport.

I did a little shopping…actually surprising myself – I lasted a good few hours. (I am known to NOT be a shopper – I like to find what I need and get out. Its ironic however because I LOVE new clothes. I really do.)

Would you like to see whats inside? I’ll keep you guessing.

I got home in time to take Willy for a walk just as the sun started to shine. We both thoroughly appreciated the warmth. Maybe a little too much for Willy…

Because I had such a successful day shopping and the whatnot.. I thought I owed it to myself to have some frozen yogurt and blueberries…right?? It really did taste great but…

You’ll just have to believe me….Oops.

So now? I guess I should take MYSELF out for a walk while the sun is out. Then do some studying…7 years and still in school..I know. You’re jealous that I get to study during the summer. I’m jealous of myself even.

Maybe I should ask Willy what else we should do – is this a sad face … or a bored out of his skull face…you tell me…

I realize that a good chunk of this blog will be pictures of my dog. I can’t help it!


4 responses to “I took today

  1. Is there really any harm in loving your dog so much… I think not.

  2. oh my gosh, I’m the EXACT same way with shopping. My friends say I shop like a guy: I only go if there’s something very specific I need and I’m in and out of each store quickly because I know what I’m looking for. I also hate shopping because nothing ever fits my body well…so it’s incredibly frustrating! But when i do find something that fits, I love it 🙂 So what did you get??

  3. Haha! You totally just sang my shopping theme song! Dresses and swimsuits are the absolute worst for me!
    I got a couple of bold items (note the sarcasm) Two tank tops and a pair of cropped skinny jeans….cropped is generally something I cannot get away with ..but these seemed to work! They fit..looked decent…and that was all I needed!

  4. Dresses are ok with me…I have a bigger issue with things not being large enough in the thighs/ass, hehe. I could NEVER get away with skinny jeans, but i definitely love cropped things. Glad you found some items!!

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