Oh hi there

Happy Friday Eve!

I woke up this morning to 3 things:

1. An old dog up at the head of my bed snoring rather loudly. Funny that snoring is much less annoying when a dog snores than when people do….
Did I mention earlier that Willy is 13 this summer. I don’t believe I did.

2. This thought – ITS FRIDAY! …wait. Shoot. (Literally my exact thought)

3. This song playing in my head.

This group hails from British Columbia – and I first heard them do this song when they were competing in B.C’s 2010 Peak Performance project. Love them. Love their sound. Look em up. Quirky weird videos. Good catchy beat to wake up to!

Your assignment for today – enjoy some good music (which should happen everyday if you ask me…don’t you think??)


4 responses to “Oh hi there

  1. Great songs! Who is this group? I totally agree that we need to hear great music everyday!

  2. This is a band called “Yes Nice” 🙂

  3. Music is the BEST! I like them!

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