Happy Birthday Willy!

Willy officially turned 91 today. That means 13 wonderful years with one of the best pooches a person could ever ever ask for.

So what do we do for birthdays??? Presents of course. One of Will’s favorite past times is opening presents. Be it Christmas…birthdays….or any occasion really, opening presents is a WONDERFUL thing. But you know that. Who doesn’t love getting a present.
Part of the fun for Willy is the actual OPENING of the present.
Is it your party? Have no fear. Willy will lend a hand (paw) and even help open YOUR presents!

Pictures here are blurry – there was a lot of moving action going on – ripping that gift bag open!

SUCCESS! A new bunny! (House undergoing renovation as seen behind the good dog and the new bunny)

New bunny – now what…..Who’d like to go for a walk???…Anybody…??


Looking for gophers – getting our nose right into the gopher holes!

Time to go home and relax in the sun…


Happy Birthday Willy boy!!! You the best!!


6 responses to “Happy Birthday Willy!

  1. Happy Birthday Willy !!!

  2. Michelle English

    Happy Birthday Willllly! You make me feel like a “dog person” when I’m with you!

  3. Michelle English

    Where is the “Happy Birthday Jenny” blog post??!!

  4. Oh my gooooodness. I have not gotten there yet! I was bad and did not take many pictures tonight…..!

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