Birthday week.

Hello. I turned 25 this year. August 3, 2011.

I had a great day filled with wonderful people …. a bajillion happy birthdays…2 cups of coffee…a bouquet of amazing pink flowers…driving the Dad’s truck (SURPRISE!! – thanks pops!)…smokies…chocolate cherry torte (possibly a new favorite dessert…so good)…hanging out with a GRRREAT family….their dogs..their kittens (no..sorry I don’t want to take one home 🙂 ) …and finally tug of war with ‘new bunny’ against my fine, and very worthy opponent, Willy.

So I was terrible today and took pretty well ZERO pictures! I do have this though – my folks who are vacationing it in Ontario currently made sure this gorgeous bundle was delivered to my office:

A very lovely family had me over after work and served me yummy food! Perfect birthday food. She made me a chocolate cherry torte – and I’m not kidding you…I wish I had a picture…it tasted…what’s the word? Ah yes…Divine. It was a wonderful way to spend my birthday evening visiting them – it was a gift just being able to visit! 🙂

They gave me a gift card to the CUTEST little flower and gift store here in town (that I love!)

And a Raspberry Smoothie Candy Stick that will make me feel like I have stepped back in time to eat and enjoy!

It was a fabulous day! Truly! I’m so thankful for family and friends. What a GIFT they are!

Oh and because I was somewhat curious, I looked up what happened on August 3 in Canadian history and found this a little interesting….

In 1876 – Bell makes the first intelligible phone call in Brantford, Ontario from building to building. These telephone calls were of the world’s first definitive telephone tests – and obviously changing technology and the way we communicate forever. I wonder what our buddy Alex would think now? Would he be an Android or an iPhone user….??



13 responses to “Birthday week.

  1. Michelle English

    Glad you were taken care of on your birthday 🙂

  2. Gerber Daisies! Those are my favorite! Glad your birthday was epic! 🙂

  3. I say I phone. Alexander would not like to have erase his text messages on his HTC so often!

  4. Oh and an interesting observation, A. G. Bell succeeds in making the TALKING device a success on your birthday! Very interesting !

  5. Ahh no, I’m saying you and Mr. Bell appear to enjoy conversation!

  6. Happy belated birthday! 😀

  7. Happy belated birthday!!! Glad to hear you felt so loved 🙂

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