A bunch…

Hello again!

Have you ever had busy weeks? I have! But I’m back…in case my “10” readers (hi mom! Hi Dad!) .. were curious 🙂

In a nutshell – my week consisted of…

– Michael Buble with my beautiful future sister in law. (she is truly beautiful!) It was such a fun show!We had such a great time!

– Picked up the parents from the airport.
-Willy and I drove out to camp for work. Willy watched over the kids to make sure everyone was having a good time. He takes his job VERY seriously.

Skip over a few days..my dear friend Laurelle and I made the road trip down to Calgary, Alberta for the weekend. Yes…we DID have fun in case you were curious.

This is Laurelle. And no. The deer did not do that to her arm..the deer was gentle..

as was this beast…

We like to live dangerously…:)

Oh…and that picture with me holding hands/paws with the polar bear…yes I am also holding a build a bear from my friend Travis..foo muh birrthdaaayyyy….

Meet Otis.

Mmmhmmm. He’s cute right?? So cute that the neighbors thought I was holding a brand new little newborn! Boy did I surprise them!

Meet Travis and my new friend Kirsten.

Travis threw a great party (note the party hats) for our birthdays! Thanks Travis!

The crew….

You’ve already met Otis…but allow me to introduce Jon. He gave me free movie passes for my birthday. He also makes a mean Pico de Gallo. and Mushroom Bruschetta.
Yep. Thumbs up to moviepassespicodegallomushroombrushcetta!

Otis has really cute shoes. and cute sweater….see previous ‘Otis’ Picture.

Not sure what Laurelle is doing here… but I am EXTREMELY interested….pretending to smoke a cigar?? Silly girl you are Laurelle.

Laurelle and I got up the next day and went to the Calgary zoo!! Have you ever been?? It is extremely awesome! It is impossible to be unhappy in a place like that!

We met up with a couple of my old friends from my previous college. It was SUCH a great visit and we made tonnes of memories! Please meet Brian and Ryan!

It would be seriously so easy to go on and on about my week and weekend. But because that would only end up getting boring…plus I need to go to bed….I’ll just sum it up by saying this,

I am very thankful for good friends! You make my world a much happier and fun place 🙂 I am blessed to have EACH AND EVERY ONE of you in my life!!!

Friends? Yes, I’m speaking to ALL OF YOU. You make me smile!!


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