I’m back

Well, I realize it has been a little while since I have posted anything – it has been a busy few weeks! I had a what felt like an extremely fast summer back home in Alberta. Working and saving money for my final (7th year) of College.

My little B.C home was ready for me as I came back at the end of August. When I say little – you must know that I mean little! I have a one room suite. Literally. I guess it is two rooms if you include my bathroom ….! My room is multi purpose. Kitchen – Bedroom – Living Room all in one! My kitchen includes all the finest of small appliances – my hot plate, microwave, George Foreman, Slow Cooker, Toaster Over, coffee maker (2 types..I know my needs!) and even a rice cooker. (Who needs  a full fledged oven right..? right…..?) and right next to those things is where I lay my head every night to sleep 🙂

Here’s my ‘kitchen’

Yep. There she be!

Bananas and my Saxophone. Did I ever tell you I majored in the alto saxophone?? I did. But that was awhile ago. I’m now moving into my final year of my Recreation Therapy Degree – which will consume me this semester I’m sure, so I’ll fill you in on that more later.

and..I sleep. (sorry for the blurriness)

So that is my little place – in case you were curious. I have spent almost 4 years in here. It has suited me fine though as a student, but has also made me very excited to finally get my own place – with an actual kitchen…and a bedroom..and a living room that is seperate! I’m pretty sure I’ll appreciate those finer things even more once I am done school!


4 responses to “I’m back

  1. It’s perfect… and sooo tidy… wait a minute!! You seem to be missing a photo of a certain someone on your fridge … you’d better give me your mailing address!! 🙂

  2. I had no idea you’d be living in a little apt with just a hot plate and microwave! I can def come up with some more no-oven meals 🙂

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