Wanna Hear about it?

Do you?

My mom and I took a road trip back to B.C when I finished up work for the summer. The first stop was driving south to Calgary where I had my big interview for my full semester internship coming up in January. I was interviewed for a position as a student rec therapist at a youth addictions centre – and I got the job 🙂 It was both a challenging and positive experience, and I am already grateful to the therapists there who are willing to mentor, teach and help me become the best therapist I can be.

Once the interview was completed – I was feeling under the weather. My dad surprised my mom and I with a stay in Canmore (cute little town in the heart of the Rockies) where we could go and relax. I definitely needed the rest there – it was very enjoyable.

We ate at a cute little restaurant there with fabulous food, served by fabulous people, over looking a fabulous view.

I ordered the “Magic Wok of Tibet”. Seriously. How could I even look at anything else on the menu when there was a title like THAT staring at me. Was it magical? Yes. It truly was. Could it have fed an army? Yes. Yes it could have.

The next morning we woke up to a gorgeous day. We took our time – ate a great breakfast at our nice hotel. We stopped at Nutters (essential stop whenever there is one in town) and got the traveling essentials – trail mixes, organic apples, organic chocolate, a different brand of organic peanut butter that we have not tried before (ok so peanut butter maybe not a travel essential..BUT rather a pantry essential). After our stop – we headed off into the sunshine and through the mountains. Ah.

Once we arrived – we went for some walks
Hiding in the flowers 🙂
It was great having the company! Loved having my mom come out with me for a little bit and enjoy some nice weather and some relaxing experiences. I’m already looking forward to Christmas for some more family time!
Thanks Mom for coming along!
So now what? Schooooooooooool! Classes tonight. Wish me luck. One more semester!!!


4 responses to “Wanna Hear about it?

  1. Sounds like a great trip…and what views! Beautiful. Quality time with mom is always nice 🙂

    • Its lovely – the Canadian Rockies is definitely worth a trip!..I also know a girl who knows lots of good hiking up in Jasper if you have any questions for your next vacation 😉 (Totally not promoting my province at all…)

  2. What a great trip! I wish we had some mountains near us to visit…all we have are cornfields!! Congratulations on the new job! 😀

    • It was a fun trip back! Mountains are definitely a blessing…but cornfields are nice! I bet you get to eat lots of good corn…and run through lots of cornmazes! Thank you Christina! I’m very excited about the job 🙂

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