Keep calm and…

So I took my last post to heart.

I decided to keep calm. and go have a cupcake. School is definitely underway and it is starting to get busy. I had a needed rejuvenation time with a friend, a cup of coffee, and a clever organic cupcake.

Have you ever bitten into a cupcake thinking it will be moist? But then it is not? YET. but is still so full of delicious flavor and has delectable delicious icing on top that you are then unsure of what to actually THINK about this cupcake??

That happened to me today amidst my practice of keeping calm with a cupcake. It had more of a muffin consistency – yet the flavors of a cupcake. I asked my friend what she thought – and her inability to describe her “calm cupcake” experience told me she was experiencing the same cupcake conundrum as I was. I cannot decide if it was just a semi decent cupcake…or a “HECK YES!!” muffin.

My friend could not decide either. We decided we’d better go to another cupcake shop another day to figure out which cupcake we like better. Good idea? I think so.

Mine was banana with cream cheese icing. ….and after all this has been said..I DID enjoy it…and it was all natural..who can argue with that..right?

By the way….I am taking a “wellness coaching” class …and I have a fun little exercise for you to do that I have learned. Stay tuned. I will write about it. I have just been too busy contemplating confusing cupcake conundrums.

Say that ten times. I just did. kinda..


4 responses to “Keep calm and…

  1. Well, if looks have anything to say, that cupcake is a winner! I think that just to be safe, you could always just call it a muffin 🙂

  2. You’ve helped me tremendously. Thank you for putting my heart and mind at ease! 😀 ‘Heck Yes Muffin’ it is.

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Cupcakes are probably one of the best types of therapy out there. I’m with you, go have another 😉

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