Missing my boy

…I often miss my dog when I’m away. I realize I have countless pictures already of Willy posted on here….but today is your lucky day!

I’m posting MORE!

I’m also procrastinating going to the gym.
And doing homework.  I promise after this I will do both of those things. I promise.

This picture was not posed by the way – my parents sent me this photo. They couldn’t find him, until he came around the corner with flowers on his back. The old boy decided to get into a little mischief..!

Sleeping with the toy I gave him this summer.

Good Boy Willy!


4 responses to “Missing my boy

  1. Awww, your pooch is adorable! I love that pic of him with the flowers on his back, hehe. And the one where he’s sending you an email 😉

    • haha He is pretty funny. I was laying at my computer one night..and he came over to lay down with me – and the way he positioned himself right in front of me and my computer was priceless – I had to snap a photo!

  2. Awww..how cute is Willy? I absolutely love dogs! 🙂

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