Smooth Coffee. Busy Days.

When daily tasks begin to pile up, one thing I need to do for myself is to make a checklist of the “small stuff” I enjoyed during my day. It would be easy for me to say that my weekend wasn’t all that great because I had to write an exam Friday night, and was sitting in class all day Saturday…BUT!

Class was good. Really.

So was my weekend.

In the midst of books – a beautiful cup of creamy comfort.

Have you read this book? I currently have to for school – but its very good. Check it out.

I like my shoes. (I need to set up a blind date between the vacuum cleaner and my car…ahem)











I like this picture. My mom. Willy. And the field next to our house in Alberta.

Enjoy today! What small things in your day to day routine make YOUR day better?


2 responses to “Smooth Coffee. Busy Days.

  1. Wow, your barista was seriously talented! And that is an amazingly beautiful field you have by your house. I’m jealous 🙂

    • He totally is! Its a great little cafe to take the studying to. And there are definitely times living in a big city when I miss “rural” living…and miss that very field!

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