Antonio Vivaldi – Relax to Autumn

I went for a walk this morning and embraced the season of Autumn.

The wind was blowing slightly. Yet it was not cold.

The smells. Oh the Autumn smells.

The sights and sounds of the leaves falling.

Rustling in the wind. Can you picture it? Maybe you are also experiencing this type of day today.

I thought it was more than fitting to switch my iPod to play some Autumn by Vivaldi. It has been quite some time since I have listened to him, but this guy truly captured the season through his music. I’m pretty sure half of the time I was walking, my eyes were closed as I was almost hypnotized by the outdoor atmosphere I was feeling around me – and the music playing within.

I would challenge you then to take time out of your day, to lay down, shut out other distractions, close your eyes and truly listen to Vivaldi’s Autumn.

Listen, and let your imagination run. Picture yourself somewhere – somewhere the music puts you and your imagination. It is a great way to work your creativity and it lets you just step away from your daily to do list. A real breather!

Autumn Season –  Lake in Jasper, Canada
Source: (

Thank you Antonio Vivaldi for giving me a little break today!


2 responses to “Antonio Vivaldi – Relax to Autumn

  1. Oh my goodness, nothing makes my day like getting my special drink with heart-shaped froth on top 🙂

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