Small Celebrations

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I don’t have much to share today. I have a romantic date with finishing my paper in approximately….20 minutes.  But I still believe that there are small..even tiny things everyday worth “celebrating” we go!

Do you know what fruit for me can either be extremely satisfying OR absolutely and totally disappointing?

The bartlett pear.

Folks….this pear may have been the BEST pear I have ever sunken a tooth into. The consistency was so smooth. Perfect softness – yet not mushy (eww mushy pears!) It had NO grainy texture or grainy crunch. It was simply perfect. Pears are funny – It felt ok but it didn’t “look” amazing on the outside. But as soon as I got in there and tasted the inside…BAM!!!! My tastebuds could not stop thanking me!!

Don’t judge a pear by its outside? Is this a hidden lesson? Anyways …it was YUMMMAAAYY!

I believe it is VERY important to  fit in a few good deeds in the day. What was my good deed yesterday? I saved a chimpanzee. You know….no big deal.

It was hard work….but I’ll do anything for a good cause… 😉

Enjoy today! Celebrate something small!
Is there a type of fruit or something else YOU find either totally satisfying or completely disappointing?


8 responses to “Small Celebrations

  1. I have a great image of you, with only one tooth (you did say “sunk a tooth into”!) biting into a pear 🙂 heeehee
    What’s the paper about? Health related? You cannnnnn dooooo it! (And hopefully by the time you read this comment, you will have already finished!)

    • Hahaha!! THAT made me laugh…didn’t I tell you?? I have only one tooth lonely tooth to enjoy satisfying pears ;)!!
      Absolutely health related. It is actually for a Therapeutic Recreation (TR) Management class – so I’m writing on the health habits and and effective qualities that exist in TR management. Ability to synergize…think win/win….all of those really cool cliches that can actually prove to be really effective in the health (or other) workplace! ..I’m also definitely not done the paper….soon though!

  2. I sure bet it was hard saving the planet yesterday…. so hard, I’m thinking you’ll be doing it again soon 😉

    • you have no idea Trish. But worth it. Just saving one animal one bite at a time. Good thing I have some more bites today….the world can thank me later. 😀

  3. Michelle English

    Oranges. Sometimes oranges are REALLY GOOD! Sometimes oranges are not. Sometimes they are dry and tough. I like it better when they’re yummy, but that’s just me. 🙂

    • Oh YES oranges! Totally…..there is not much better when you peel open the juiciest orange ever….but on the other hand when you are expecting pure juice…and its flavorless and dry….there are not a lot of words to describe the inner disappointment. Remedy? Save a chimp – eat some chocolate.

  4. Nothing like a good pear!! and nothing worse than a bad one…

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