Weekend snaps

How was your weekend?

My Friday started my weekend out with a bang – wrote a huge Ethics exam….glad that’s done!

Friday night, I had visitors from my old Prairie Bible College days. It felt like a wee blast from the past.

Do you ever find it weird when people from a different time and different place in your life, enter into your new existing life which is in a totally new environment? It is such a funky feeling! Anyways – my friend was making a huge move all the way from Ontario and was on her way over to Victoria on the island. So we needed to spend a night together.

Saturday = homework. All day. Jealous?

Saturday night I met up with a group of girls at a stagette and had some good times – and attempted some lousy quality photos.

Blurry Image #1.

Trying for a better picture – less blurry..Lori overemphasizing her worry for something stuck in her teeth..

A little better..and with the 3 of us – The girl on the right side of the photo? We’ll be throwing HER stagette soon!! Yay Kelly!

Anyways add that with a bit more homework…and walking and running in the sun!! (WOW IT WAS GOOORRGEOUS THIS WEEKEND) yep I shouted that…..It was a good weekend..and I’m ready to face the week!

Happy Monday to YOU. and YOU.

Yep. annnnd YOU!


3 responses to “Weekend snaps

  1. You look gorgeous in these photos, Jenny!!

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