The Wednesday Small Stuff

It was not hard for me to decide what I would choose for my small stuff today.

This was in fact taken yesterday, but I had to share this with you.

So as most of you know, I am still a student. (yes. still) and I spend most of my days sitting in a desk or chair somewhere. Be it the library, a coffee shop, my house (although not a lot of work gets done when I’m home…)

When I go to school, I like to walk by the little ‘lake’ that is located across from campus, just to get some more fresh air into my day before I spend the rest of it breathing in old unused dictionaries and encyclopedias while I sit and research through the wonders of the ‘world wide web.’

We had a beautiful day yesterday, and I thought I’d share a piece of it with you

Oh yes…remember my friend Kelly from “weekend snaps“??

She’s engaged! Good work girl!


6 responses to “The Wednesday Small Stuff

  1. We have a lake across from MY school, and I always run around it during classes! I’m telling you, we are like sisters from another mister…or whatever the saying is. Haha

    • Serious..I do the same. Where have you been my whole life? πŸ˜€
      Although..I definitely did NOT get the basketball gene that you were ever so blessed with!

  2. What a beautiful lake! And look at those clear blue skies! πŸ™‚

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