A little piece of my day

To keep up with the theme of this blog – It is time once again to share with you the small stuff in my day that keeps me..well……sane. (or so I think…)

Yesterday was gorgeous. This time of year, it rains a lot in Vancouver…and it can get rather dreary. Although I try to embrace the rain when it happens, when the sun DOES comes out, there is truly NOTHING better!!

So I woke up to sun ANNNNND a knock on the door. It was my landlord with a “special delivery.” It was a wonderful little care package from my little mumsy. When I’m finally done being a student….I wonder if I’ll still get these packages..

My package came with pink mittens (definitely will come in handy when I move back home and try to get used to -30 Degrees Celsius weather..), lovely lotion, a sweeeet card, and a gift card to buy me some dinners when I’m stuck at home bombarded with papers and projects (AKA every. single. night.)

Pink Mitties - Blurry. It's a little difficult snapping a photo with only wooly fat thumbs.

..Yes. I am in my tiny suite. Laugh it off..are you done? Ok. Let’s move on now..

My hands are very grateful hands when I have this in stock.

Ethics class. ......

Ok….soooo Ethics is more funny than lovely. This picture here….is what I do for 3 hours. The teacher sits and we sit. He sits. We sit. 3 hours. sit. sit. Listen? maybe. But we sit! Wanna know what I did last class? Does anybody ever remember playing M.A.S.H in elementary school? You know..mansion, apartment, shack, or house…tell me you played it..!!

Tara and I studying in the library...AFTER ethics!

This is my friend Tara. We keep each other sane when sitting and studying. and studying and sitting. I am VERY thankful for her friendship! We are heading to the States on Thursday for a little shopping therapy. I’ll let you all in on the details of our trip then 🙂

Enjoy your Tuesday – hopefully there are not too many trick or treater tummy aches out there today!

5 responses to “A little piece of my day

  1. I used to LOVE playing MASH! The best game ever.

  2. I have had those classes where I sit. and sit. and sit. In fact, I was blessedly grateful that my current class like that was cancelled yesterday–woopppeee!!

    P.S. You are so stinkin’ cute! I love your bangs…I try to have bangs like that, but it just ends up with me constantly side-swiping them, and them falling in an unruly mess that never corresponds with my part. *sigh*
    P.P.S. In my experience, the mommy care packages do slow to a trickle after graduation…so sad.

    • Yes…graduation is such a bitter sweet thing – sweet because school is finally done…bitter….we are now in the real world..and things like care packages just don’t happen like they used to!

      I definitely was starting to do the side swipe thing with the bangs…I love having them…but they grow so stinkin fast! I just cut them myself last night so I would stop side swiping them…me and scissors…totally scary….!!!

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