It’s Wednesday, Wednesday

Hey! How are ya? How did your Tuesday go? My Wednesday is off to a great start – I slept in (never happens..seriously I have a 6:30 internal alarm clock..and this morning, the first time my eyes fluttered open was at 8:30…HOLLA!!!)

Scream Cheese Brownies

Pumpkin Bars

I am missing out on these fun yummies at home. I got my mumsy to check out Christina at Sweet Pea’s Kitchen for a couple parties. 1. a kids halloween/birthday bash 2. An Autumn time birthday party. And apppparrrently I missed out because both dishes tasted awesome.

I will bake again soon. Did you hear me little tiny suite of mine? I WILL bake soon..and you won’t be able to stop me :D!!!

So anyways. Enough of that. Want some music? A long/little while ago my friend Jamie gave me music from The Bird and the Bee. Needless to say. I like them.

Here are a couple of tuneskis for you to enjoy

Their cover of the 1964 hit….

and one of their own!


4 responses to “It’s Wednesday, Wednesday

  1. Scream cheese?! What a great/adorable name. Just looking at those baked goods makes my sweet tooth ache.

    • Sweet Pea’s Kitchen! She’s a creative one I tell ya! You’re telling me! I didn’t get to sink any of my sweet teeth (all of them are sweet…ahem) in those tasty looking devils! I was just taunted with sweet pictures!

  2. The brownies were awesome!! Thanks for giving your momsie the idea. We loved the visit. Maddy just wished the spiders were edible – weird girl. šŸ˜‰

    • haha Maddy! I gotta say…I have to agree with her. A sugary candy spider would be fun to eat šŸ˜‰
      Glad you enjoyed the visit….I’m looking forward to coming home for Christmas!!

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