We left the Country

So remember that study friend? Tara? We decided to get the heck out of Dodge (AKA..Canada) and venture 20 minutes south….to the States! We spent the day in Washington yesterday shopping… and HOLY cow! Can I just say I got a splendid deal on a dress I will wear to a wedding next weekend?! 10 bucks. Yep. 10 smackeroos. S i g h. I love deals.

I say something a lot. It goes something like this. “I’ll do that once I’m not a student…” or “I’ll buy that once I’m not a student….”

"Get out the passports!"

I tell you this because one of those things I’ll purchase is a nice camera. A smaller one that I can take with me everywhere – but one that takes some gorgeous pictures. Like yesterday? I only snapped cell phone shots at the border, then stopped because I turned off my phone for the day as I was too scared of roaming charges.

"Let's go find some DEALS!! WOOHOO!!!"

Successful FUN day yesterday! It’s always a fun day with Tara 🙂 Now back and happy on icy Canadian soil. (yeah..icy..sigh….here comes winter) and I’m gettin ready to slip and slide my way to Ethics class! yeah you know the class…that “sitting and sitting and more sitting” one.

Happy Friday!!! What are your weekend plans?? Tell me about them! I wanna know 🙂


4 responses to “We left the Country

  1. Why didn’t you meander on over to MA?? I would have bought you a latte. Gheesh.

  2. Welcome to the States! yay!!! Hope you enjoyed your little visit 🙂

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