I have joined the club

If you were ever one of the lucky ones who got to text me when I owned an HTC Zero…..excuse me. I mean the HTC Hero – you can celebrate along with me that I finally got a new phone. A phone that sends me texts – doesn’t die randomly in the middle of important phone calls – and just actually plain out works. Hip Hip.

Yeah. I bought an iPhone. I know everyone and their dog has one. So to everyone of you reading this – this is not exciting – but really….to have a phone that works? Yeah it’s really exciting for me.

Please clap your hands – I have a working phone!

Excuse the bathroom photo…!

Yay! Sataahhhdaaayyy!! Do something fun. That’s an official order.


6 responses to “I have joined the club

  1. Yay for new phones! I am loving my new android šŸ™‚

  2. congrats on the new phone!!!

  3. I just got an iphone tooo!!! I love it so so much. Except i hate typing on a touch screen…but what can ya do.

    • iPhone twinsies! I know exactly what you mean! I loooove mine! and my thumbs are still a little slow on its touch screen…but I’m sure we’ll get used to it and be super speedy in no time! Do you have a fun cover on yours?

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