Happy Birthday Family!

This is a big birthday week in our family. It starts with my brother

Happy Birthday YESTERDAY to the older Broski!
You’re pretty cool….
I Suppose… 😉

No Really – I Love ya! Happy Birthdayyy!

My Dad! He has one TODAY! When I was little (like ..the annoying age of 6 or 7) I used to jokingly tell my Dad that my brother was older than him because his birthday was one day before his – yeahhh I was a funny kid right??? I have more stories where that came from…

I’ll save those for a later date.

Happy Birthday Dad!!! You ahhhhhhhrrreee the best Dad!

I have lots of fond memories of father daughter dates – as a young girl…annnnd as an all grown up girl. 🙂

The Folks!

Finalllllyyyyyyyy…..My brother’s fiance Samara shares the same birthday as my Dad…..Her and Jacob at her graduation (she’s a nurse in a great big city ER…she’s pretty awesome!!)

Happy Birthday Samara!!!! You are beautiful!!

Wish I was closer to give allll of you big birthday hugs!!!

To all you readers…Have a happy happy Thursday!! Annnnd Happy American Thanksgiving to all of you lovely Americans! Enjoy your special time with friends and family 🙂

7 responses to “Happy Birthday Family!

  1. Hey! Thanks for the best wishes. You are the best. More dates to come. Winter mountain driving in a couple of weeks. If we plan to get stuck, we could ski for a day ??

  2. I was thinking Sunshine but maybe Marmott.

  3. Aww, happy birthday to the fam!

  4. Looks like you have a great family! You’re too cute in that picture with you dad 🙂

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