Friday Fun Fact

Wanna hear something gross I heard on the news bright and early this morning?

On average – a woman swallows 22 tubes of lipstick in her life.

Who’s going out on the town for the Friday night? Who’s NOT wearing lipstick??

Have a GREEEEATTT weekend!!! MUUUAAAHHH!!!!

7 responses to “Friday Fun Fact

  1. GROSS! My lips are on the small size, so I’ve always felt that lipstick made them look funny. Now I learn a “pro” of my thin-lipped situation…no LS consumption for me!
    Have a great birthday, Jennknee! (jenny? Jenn?) haha

  2. haha well good…just thought I’d let you all know though — I have your best interest at heart 😉

    No birthdays for me unfortunately – I had mine in August…its the rest of my family who celebrate in the fall! I’m the black sheep! haha..for names..I get Jen…or Jenny 🙂

  3. that is weird. i am a chapstick and gloss girl.

  4. Thank goodness I don’t wear lipstick! I can imagine it’s prob the same statistics for chapstick though…

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