Monday Quote

Good Morning Monday.
It is time to quote!

“Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things, I am tempted to think, there are no little things” Bruce Barton

Hmmmm What do you think? Ironic I put this on here when the title of my blog considers small things…
Makes me think…

2 responses to “Monday Quote

  1. I think…that I like its message! I feel like the quote is eluding to the need to focus on small, tangible, surmountable (etc) things in front of us…not to discard the existential, intangible, abstract (etc.) stuff, but that the former can lead to the latter…ok, I’m confusing myself, so I’ll stop here. In a nutshell: I like it! (Perhaps this comment IS a commentary on the need to be short and simple :-))

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