Life of a Student

Soon and very soon my 7 year life of a college student will be wrapping up.

Exciting right?


Scary right?


For 7 years, I have only thought about how exciting it will be to finally finish school. Now that it is getting closer, it is a little nervewracking thinking about changing up my routine (or lack thereof) and moving into a life of working. And getting paid for it….

wait a second…

a paycheque?

Exciting right?!?! πŸ™‚

No more early morning empty school halls…

No more Saturday morning studying in an empty cafeteria (only because it is so early the library has not opened yet…)

No more tired early morning coffee runs….ok..well that’s probably a lie – my life will always consist of coffee.
(my one eye looks a little scary in this picture..apparently I haven’t taken my first sip of caffeine yet..!)

No more ‘forced’ reading! I will read what I want and because I choose to read it!! – besides stuff..for work..of course…but…I won’t see much more of this…

But I won’t say goodbye to cute..cozy coffee shops. That just won’t happen.

Well it is Wednesday. After all of this talk – I still have work to do. NOT quite done being a student. My presentation went really well yesterday. The director really liked the workshop and said it will be implemented at their facility!

I willlll tell ya all about it, but I need a few more moments to do that. As for now..I have a paper to write!

What’s up with all of you today? What are your Wednesday plans?


10 responses to “Life of a Student

  1. 7 years?! Dang, homie!

    I know a lot of people probably say this, but being a student is so great. I have my first full time job post-graduate school, and I miss the sleeping in. soooo much.

    But, hey, no homework, no academic reading, no oral presentations! Hey-ooo

    • Totally – even in the year I took off between my programs….there were elements of school I definitely missed…buttttttt – there comes a point where I think its healthy to be ready to move on from school..and I’m feeling it! πŸ˜€

      Heyyy ohhhhh!!!

  2. Congratulations on your wonderful presentation!! You go girl! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Trish!! I’ll have to tell you about it..cause I’m kinda stoked on it! Maybe over a cuppa hot coffee (tea..chocolate) when I’m home over the holidays πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see ya!

  3. I’ll be in school for 7 more years AFTER this….. but yes, I can’t believe I am graduating either soon!! I must say, I love studying, school, being a nerd.

    Coffee shops are the bomb.

    Gluck with your paper!

    • OH my gooossshh! 7 MORE years. I salute you! Congrats on YOUR upcoming graduation! Woot
      Bloggy Graduation Party coming up??
      I’m glad you love studying though – your next 7 years could be hazardous to your health if you didn’t πŸ™‚

      You should go to a coffee shop today. A cozy one. and enjoy your studying there! I’m gonna!

  4. Congrats on the presentation!

    7 years?! You must be leaving with some sort of graduate degree, right? Or are things really different in Canada??

    • Things just really suck up here…

      Just joking πŸ˜‰ I started in a 3 year Music Diploma Program – and then decided I did not want to teach high school band for the rest of my life – so I switched gears took a year off and worked in a hospital within the recreation therapy department..and LOVED IT! Sooo onward I went into the Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation Degree program. In April I write a certification exam and then in June graduate from this degree! FINALLY!! haha Its all been good though – I’m just ready to move on πŸ™‚ and thanks for the congrats!

  5. Congrats on your presentation! I will never say goodbye to coffee shops…and also, you look so perky and perrty for the morning! I literally walk into walls as I attempt to navigate the winding hallways of my old victorian apartment with my pup ups in tow at 6:30am πŸ™‚

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