A Very Old Special Boy

Being away from home – it is always a little odd to see different photos sent of my dog Willy. Every single time I get a photo of him – he looks older and older.

He is 13 years old – and as most of you know as I have written about him so much– he is my most favorite dog in the world.

He has always been the most loving dog – loving each one of us in the family. Whenever somebody is missing – (which nowadays is always as my brother and I of course do not live at home anymore) he is not QUITE himself. On special occasions when we are all home – he is the happiest pooch on the planet.

Nowadays – my 13 year old boy is pretty sleepy.

(I just noticed all the VHS’s…be kind. Rewind)

But even if Willy is sleepy (but awake) he understands the importance of posing for pictures.

I think we were texting each other – Willy and I facetime together. No big deal.

Today (and everyday!) I’m thankful for my old boy Willy who has brought a lot of joy to our family and MANY other people 🙂

Happy Tuesday everybody!
I’m off to present to the board of directors for the palliative care workshop I told you about that I have been working on designing. A little nervous – but I’m excited that today I’ll be able to finally close this chapter of my ALMOST DONE academic life.

What are your Tuesday “Small things” – what is making your day just a little bit more special?

4 responses to “A Very Old Special Boy

  1. Care to share about the presentation? Curious!
    Also, Chris and I wonder what our live would be like without Charlie and Salsa all the time. We’ll be snoogeling on the couch, talking about our pup ups for what feels like hours…then I’ll say something like, “What would we even be doing right now if we didn’t have Charlie and Salsa?” Probably sitting next to each other staring at the opposite wall.

    • I will write about it once its done!! Right now I’m just reviewing what I will say!!
      It is amazing how much these dogs add to our lives hey? Charlie and Salsa are definitely the cutest little dogs too! haha..I love that you and Chris say that…totally made me laugh!

  2. Willy needs to teach my cat to face-time. She is SO behind the times.

    • Definitely – we’ll get LC and Willy together – they may defy the “dog/cat” odds and be best buds.

      All we have to do is tell Willy that LC is a “nice Kitty” – he’ll give us the dirty look – and continue on and try his darndest to be friends with a cat 😀 hehe (This is actually true..)

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